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Be a Muslim

         Muslim is people who put his or her confidence to Allah as the Only God in the world and Muhammad as the messenger of Allah’s prophet. Muslim declares the religion as Islam. Muslim is inherited Qur’an and Hadst by Muhammad S.A.W to be the guide of life. Qur’an  is an absolute life compass while Hadst is the alternatives if Qur’an describes the unstated information. The absolute life compass makes muslim life go neatly that every Muslim is dealing with million situation processed efficiently and effectively by Islamic heritage then muslim is permitted to make some rational thinking to realize whether the islamic compass can overcome the situations or not. This shows that muslim is fully educated to develop his or her best mind mapping. Muslim is not a hard matter.  

          Why do I choose to be a muslim? There are two factors which will be a basis to answer this question. Those are genetic and environment. Genetic is meant that my first muslim factor is inherited by my parents whose their family background is muslim. My body cell is as identical as my parent’s. My time during baby, infant and before adolescence period were shaped by my parents. Those occuring activities during periods to the identical cell create a bridge to link. This genetic line directly let my life choose muslim as my identity and islam as my basis of life in an absolute. Environment is the place in which I met many people in different venue. I make a life here. Making life means that I need to interact and cooperate with people. I see many people launch their idea in different way for doing life with me. That is a fairness of life to let them do as that. I liberally listen to their ideas but I must independently accept which manner, matter and method belong to the properness of the core value of goodness. In the other word, I must have a powerful filter to bring me in good ways that will keep me safe not destructive ways. I see good ways getting found inside Islamic heritage. That has been proved best repeatedly. I experienced it.

          I am recognizing my self to be a muslim then I receive Islamic rule  that  My life goes as a practicing muslim. A practicing muslim performs the six faith and the five Islamic sequences. I accomplish my creed to Allah as the Only God, angels of Allah, holy book of Allah, prophets of Allah, judgement day and Qada’ & Qadar.  I enact Syahadat Tauhid and Rasul. I do five times prayer every day. I carry out alms. I carry on fasting on Ramadan. I will engage hajj to Mecca and Medina. I prefer following the Islamic way based on Muhammad proceeding’s to another undefined matter. This has a huge meaning that Muhammad proceeding’s as an orientation can bring my dignity and degrees elevating up on the world and the hereafter.

           Future, muslim, and I are similar to a football game.  Future is the condition time that people will run  for the day after with the predictable and unpredictable events. I need to enlighten two syllable. Those are that people will run for and the predictable & the unpredictable events. That people will run for implies that all people will absolutely experience it with no any exception. The predictable & the unpredictable events stand that a series of occurrence will be waiting for people whether those go fortune or unlucky. I belong to people so that I will involve in and make contribution to those. I state that involving in and making contribution will be best described as promoting  preparations. My statement is an opinion which I must find the correctness literally to let my rational thinking open. Qur’an reveals in Surah Al-Hasyr (18) that …everyone should pay attention to what they’ve performed for tomorrow… Allah is all knowing for what you have done. In my opinion, Allah give us a recommendation to regard to all our proceeding in case of plannings to welcome tomorrow with surveillance of Allah. This is really awesome that my rational mind mapping  is supported and clearly endorsed by Allah’s word inside Qur’an that makes a strong connection as the basis of human confidence. From that description, I can give an assumption to draw that Future is football field, muslim is the ball, and I am a player.  I cannot be called as muslim unless I declare my confidence as islam so it makes sense that I am one of football player which have the best ability  to operate the ball in the football field during the competition of life. The more goals I kick, The more fortunate events I gain.  The less goal I create,  The more unlucky events I have.

I'm Arif - a 20 year old environista living the life in Indonesia.